How to Purchase Life Insurance from AIG?

How to Purchase Life Insurance from AIG?

How to Purchase Life Insurance from AIG?

How to Purchase Life Insurance from AIG?

You can demand free statements for ensured issue entire life, term life, and general life insurance through the AIG Direct site. Assuming you like to talk with a specialist via telephone, call AIG's complementary number.

In the wake of getting a free statement, you'll have to talk with an AIG specialist, who will pose you a couple of inquiries about your clinical history. 

The specialist will likewise have to know the contact data of your essential specialist, data about past or current doctor prescribed drug use or clinical determinations, data about strategy recipients, and your ongoing debts and compensation.

In the wake of concluding what type and measure of inclusion you want, you'll have to finish up an AIG life insurance application. Clinical assessments aren't needed for ensured issue entire life strategies, and you might fit the bill for no-test AU+ handling for all inclusive life inclusion.

Be that as it may, assuming you apply for term life insurance, you'll need to take a clinical assessment. As indicated by AIG, a clinical test normally requires around 30 minutes. You can sort out for the test to occur in your home or office, at an at once to you.

When the clinical assessment is finished, your application will enter AIG's endorsing cycle, which can require half a month.

AIG sells ensured issue entire life, term life, and all inclusive life insurance arrangements, while John Hancock offers term life, widespread life, variable general life, and ordered widespread life inclusions.

AIG empowers you to browse 18 term life spans and John Hancock offers just four term lengths: 10, 15, 20, and 30 years. In any case, John Hancock's term approaches give higher inclusion levels to high-total assets policyholders, with death benefits going from $750,000 to $65 million.

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